Old Half Anna 1835 and 1845 Coin Price List

British East Indian company Half Anna coin was established during the year of 1835 to 1845. These coins were made of copper. These coins are circular in shape. Its size is about 29.50 - 31.50mm. These coins weight are about 12.92 - 13.41gms.

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Obverse: The coat of arms of East India Company with two lions. St George’s cross on the crest and flags, motto on the ribbon. The meaning of the moto is “Auspicion Regis et senatus Angli√¶” in Latin.

East India Company 1835 Obverse

Reverse:  We can see the value of Half Anna in wreath and East India Company on the top of the company. The value in the coin are English.

East India Company Half 1835 Reverse

Year: 1835 - 1845

Metal: Copper.

Weight: 12.92 - 13.41

Shape: Round

Year: 1835

(Old Rare Coin) Mumbai Mint Price :
Mintage: 8,658,000
F: 200 to 275 Rs. VF: 350 to 400 Rs. XF: 600 to 750 UNC: 3000 to 3500

Madras :
Mintage: 95,203,000
F: 260 to 300 Rs. VF: 300 to 400 Rs. XF: 600 to 750 UNC: 3000 to 3500

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Year: 1845

(Rare Coin) Calcutta Mint Price :
Mintage: 9,371,813
F: 1000 to 1250 Rs. VF: 1500 to 1750 Rs. XF: 3000 to 3500 UNC: 13000 to 15000

Year: 1845

Calcutta Mint Price :
Mintage: 7,778,197
F: 1100 to 1250 Rs. VF: 1500 to 1750 Rs. XF: 3000 to 3500 UNC: 10000 to 11000

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