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Foreign coin collection is one of the most famous and popular, oldest hobbies in the world. Now a days millions of people collect coin from all over the world. Some people invest large amount of budgets for purchasing coins and other exchange coins. The study of coins is called as numismatic.

World coin collection is an enjoyable hobby. We can study about different countries of coins in large manner. Coins are made up of different types of metals, denominations, mints, year and size. 

The purpose of collecting coins is not only becoming rich but we have to know the value of the coin, beauty of the coin artwork, metal, history, weight and rarity.

World Coin Basic information

A coin has two sides.  They are the head obverse and the tail, reverse. The feature of coins are image, portrait and mint of the year. Mint of the year tell about when the coin was created.  This will be in the obverse side of the coin.  We can see the face value and the denomination of the coin on the reverse side of the coin. Raised area around the coin is called as rim.  The rim is different from the edge, which is ornamented, grooved and plain in some other types of coin.  The other part of the coin tells about legend it describes about the inscription. This inscription is based on date of issuing the coin and face value of the coin.

Foreign Coin collection

Are you someone who loves to travel and explore different countries? If so, you might have come across a unique and fascinating aspect of foreign cultures - their currency. While most people only see money as a means of exchange, some individuals take it a step further and indulge in the art of collecting foreign coins.

Foreign coin collection is a hobby that allows you to immerse yourself in the rich history and diverse cultures of various countries. Each coin tells a story, representing the heritage, traditions, and even the political and economic situations of its origin. It is like holding a small piece of another nation's past in the palm of your hand.

Starting a foreign coin collection is an exciting adventure that can be pursued by anyone, regardless of age or background. Here are a few steps to get you started on your journey:

1. Research and Education: Begin by learning about the different types of coins from various countries. Familiarize yourself with the denominations, designs, and materials used. Explore the historical significance behind each coin and what makes it unique. The internet, books, and coin collecting forums can be great sources of information.

2. Acquiring Coins: Once you have a basic understanding, it's time to start acquiring coins. You can begin by checking your own pockets and piggy banks. Keep an eye out for foreign currency when you travel or ask friends and family who may have traveled recently. Another option is to visit local coin shops, attend coin shows, or explore online platforms that specialize in selling foreign coins.

3. Organize and Preserve: As your collection grows, it's essential to keep it organized. You can sort the coins by country, denomination, or any other method that suits you. Use coin holders or albums specifically designed for coin collecting to protect and display your treasures. Proper storage will help maintain the condition and value of your collection.

4. Expand and Connect: Joining a coin collecting club or association can enhance your experience. It allows you to meet fellow enthusiasts, exchange knowledge, and even trade or purchase coins from each other. Participating in online communities and forums can also provide opportunities to connect with collectors worldwide.

5. Respect and Ethics: As you delve deeper into the world of foreign coin collecting, it's crucial to adhere to ethical practices. Respect the laws and regulations regarding the acquisition and exportation of coins from different countries. Avoid engaging in any illegal or unethical activities that may harm the cultural heritage of a nation.

Remember, foreign coin collecting is not just about amassing a large number of coins. It's about the joy of discovery, the appreciation for art and history, and the connections you make with people who share the same passion. It's a lifelong journey that can bring endless satisfaction and knowledge.

So, the next time you come across a unique coin from a foreign land, take a moment to appreciate its beauty and consider adding it to your collection. Who knows, you might uncover a hidden gem that holds a story waiting to be told.

Happy collecting!

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Australia 5 Cents - Elizabeth II 4th Portrait Obverse
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Sri Lanka 25 Cents reverse
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Canada Ten or 10 Cents Year : 1995  Reverse
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China One or 1 Jiao Coin Reverse
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Italy 200 Lire Italian Naval League Obverse
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Japan Ten or 10 Yen  Reverse
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Maldives 2 Rufiyaa non-magnetic Reverse
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Madagascar 5 Francs  Reverse
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Oman 50 Baisa - Qaboos National Day Obverse
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Poland 5 Groszy non-magnetic Obverse
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South Africa 2 Rand Union Buildings Obverse
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Spain Coin 1 Pesta Reverse
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Spain 1 Peseta - Juan Carlos I  Reverse
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United Arab Emirates 25 Fils - Zayed / Khalifa non-magnetic Obverse
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England 10 Pence - Elizabeth II 4th portrait; Royal Shield, non-magnetic Obverse
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US ¼ Dollar "Washington Quarter"  Reverse
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Russian 15 Kopecks Obverse
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Austria 1 Schilling 1971 obverse
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Afghanistan 1 Afghani reverse 2004
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Argentina  5 Pesos obverse 1976
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Aruba  5 Cents 2013 obverse
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Armenia 10 Luma 1994 Obverse
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